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Drinking Water Will Help You With Weight Loss

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You can lose weight without dieting, only by increasing your water intake. Yes, that’s right. By drinking more water your body holds on to the water it has while flushing out retained water. This means you will appear lighter by a few pounds.

The problem with most dieters

Is that they don’t drink enough water. The average adult should drink 8 – 8 oz glasses of water daily. However, the physical act of daily physical activity usually requires an additional water “addiction”, making those glasses of water a useless tool.

So, what does drinking more water have to do with dieting? Most people don’t realize this, but drinking more water can help you lose weight faster.

This phenomenon is more complex than just drinking more water. The details are still not fully understood, but the simple fact remains that drinking more water can help you cut back on the calories from everything you eat.

How and why does this work? The main reason is that drinking more water helps you eat less. The water “tricks” your stomach into thinking that it is full, diluting the calories in your food. Essentially, this means that the water is helping you lose weight without doing anything.

Since water has no calories, you can’t consume them, which makes it even easier to cut back on the calories in your food. This is especially important when you consider that most food has a high number of calories.

However, don’t take this to mean you should stop eating, which is not recommended at all. The recommendation is simply that you should cut back and lose weight. Of course, if you add more exercise to the equation, you can slowly, but steadily lose weight off of your body. The additional exercise will also help you consume more water, which will give you the double benefit of fewer calories and more water.

So, how much water should a person drink?

The best amount is at least 64 ounces-or four eight-ounce glasses every day. However, you can drink more water. You should start by drinking a lot more than that and then work your way down over a few days.

Remember to drink water before you become thirsty. Thirst is the body’s signal that it needs more water. Before you are thirsty, try drinking a glass of water, and then wait for about half an hour. Most people will be very thirsty after a couple of glasses of water, and it’s time to stop.

It takes the body about five minutes to call the liver. Instead, try drinking water for five seconds, and then wait five minutes. You should be drinking water normally again after five minutes.

While drinking more water can help you lose weight, it can also lead to less weight eating. After you’re done eating a meal, you may find that you are too full to effective eat very much. Drinking water immediately after a meal may prevent you from overeating, which can help you lose weight.

Extra Tips

1. When drinking more water, reduce the amount of food you eat at your regular meal times. Most people eat a big meal and a big breakfast. Your meals are smaller, but you eat a lot more – A glass of water before a meal will help you feel full, and will encourage you to eat less.

2. Drink water and eat more often. Have water with you wherever you go. You will be more apt to eat less, as you will be more apt to drink water and eat less at a regular meal. Also, when you are having a meal, have water with you. Drink a glass of water after every bite, as it helps digestion.

3. Before you eat a meal, drink a glass of water. You can flavor the water to give it some additional flavor so that you will be more apt to drink more.

Water is not a miracle cure. To see real, long-term results from drink water, you should also put “skeptical” additives into your water. This will give it a better taste, as well as curbing your appetite. For it to be effective, water should be cold. Consuming it too hot will melt the ice in your glass, and you will invest it in wasting your ice cream!

If you follow these steps in your weight loss program, you will begin to see results. Make sure you drink adequate amounts of water for your body and your health.